Booster Rules & Payment Docks

Booster Rules and monetary penalties (docks in pay)

Not knowing the rules will not be an excuse to break them. Break the rules and you will be docked regardless of whether you read the rules or not.

Penalty/Dock in pay: An amount will be removed from your owed pay when you receive your next paycheck. Amount depends on seriousness of the “crime”.

First, second and third offense: First time, second time and third time you break a certain rule while working on our site. If you break one rule once and a different rule another time, you have one offense on each. They only stack when you break the same rule.

Approved VPN’s: Area VPN, Strong VPN, Astrill VPN, Witopia, vyprvpn

Rules that can get you fired without pay if you break them:

  1. Private Boosting – The biggest no no. You will be fired without pay and all your payments for the last 3 months will be chargebacked. Doing a private job, offering to do a private job, or accepting a private job for a client all counts as breaking these rules. Every few weeks we send out mass emails to clients letting them know they can get huge amounts of store credit ($200 - $500) if they have proof of a booster private boosting. In the welcome email all clients receive when purchase our services it also states they will receive a free boosting if they get proof of this. That is the main reason why some clients try to bait you and why so many people have been caught and fired. Unnecessary to state for old boosters as they have seen all the people fired, but new guys, beware.
  2. Sending clients to other sites – Same consequences as for Private Boosting.
  3. Threatening LoLBoost or the Admins of LoLBoost in any way – Same consequences as Private Boosting.
  4. Talking trash about LoLBoost to clients or people who are not associated with LoLBoost – Fired without pay.
  5. Asking client to send you Tips to your private PayPal email instead of through the site – Fired without pay

Rules that have big docks in pay if you break them:

  1. Flaming on a client’s account when said flame results in a ban or warning for the account - $200 for a first offense as long as the account was not perma banned. $400 for a second offense. $800 for a third offense. We should not have to tell you that flaming on a clients account is strictly forbidden. Should a fourth offense occur you will either be docked again or be fired without pay.
  2. Flaming on a client’s account without said account receiving a ban or a warning.$50-100 dock the first time (depending on severity of flame and how many times it was repeated on that account). Second time $100-$200 and third time is $400. Should a fourth offense occur you will either be docked again or be fired without pay.
  3. Flaming AT a client (or being rude), either while playing duoq, coaching or just in general – For a first offense $100-$200 penalty depending on seriousness of offense. For second offenders $200-400 and for third offenders $800 or fired without pay.
  4. Cursing AT a client– First offense $200, second offense $400 third offense $800 or fired without pay.
  5. Getting an account banned for elo boosting – If it is your fault (e.g. forgetting to use a VPN or using one that does not work, talking about boosting in game or to anyone while on the lol client, forgetting to lock the account when you play, thus resulting in client logging in and 2 ips being registered) and we cannot get the ban reversed you have to pay $400 + any chargeback/claim/refund expenses that occurs.
  6. Not using a VPN or using only a tunnel service (like WTFast or pingzapper) – First time it happens $150, second time $500, third time $1000.
  7. Sharing your WWG account with others – If you share your WWG account with someone else/hire someone to boost with you or anything like this, you need an admin’s expresses permission and you are responsible for all accounts done and that your friend/employee uses an approved VPN. If you do not have permission you will be docked $200 in pay when you are caught. If your friend is not using an approved VPN you will be docked $300 in pay.
  8. Streaming while boosting – If you stream while boosting or being logged into your WWG account you will receive a dock of $300 the first time, $700 the second time and fired without pay the third time.
  9. Telling client to pay a tip in exchange for doing extra games/divisions/etc etc – First offense $100 + what client should have paid WWG. Second offense $200 + what client should have paid. Third offense $400 and you will no longer receive any tips.
  10. Linking your Skype, Email, Facebook, Phone, Twitter, Youtube or other forms of contact in your coaching profile or in your guide – First time $50. If you do it again $300. A third time and you are fired.
  11. Not unlocking your account when you are done playing – If you haven’t unlocked the account by the 30 minute mark after you are done playing for now, you will be docked $20.
  12. Flaming at other people during a duoq boost (no matter if you are using your own account or a client account). 50usd.

Rules that has small to medium docks if you break them:

  1. Going AFK or quitting a game on a clients account – First offense $50, second offense $150. These penalties do NOT apply if you go AFK while 2 or more of your teammates are also AFK or if you get disconnected from the game by accident (your power goes out, internet dies etc etc).
  2. Doing less than the minimum amount of boosting – The rules for boosting are MINIMUM 4 games every day on every account you have (not including DUOQ boosting) and MINIMUM one division every two days for tier/div boosting or MINIMUM 10 wins every two days for win boosting. Let us be clear, you should strive to exceed the minimum amount. Example:


John has 3 accounts: 1. Gold 5 – Plat 5.  2. Silver 1 – 10 wins.    3. Plat 1 – Diamond 5

John now has to do MINIMUM 4 games on each of these accounts every single day. That means 12 games a day until the accounts are finished. If you cannot do this amount of games, don’t pick up more than 1 or 2 accounts. It also means that once he has had the accounts for 2 days the account should be like this:

  1. Gold 5 is now minimum Gold 4           2. Silver 1 is completed (10 wins)            3. Plat 1 is now diamond 5 and is completed.

The penalties are as follows: Doing less than 4 games a day gives a penalty of $20 PER account PER day that you have less than 4 games a day. This means if you have 3 accounts that you do not do 4 games on for 1 day, that’s $60 penalty. If you have 3 accounts with less than 4 games a day for 2 days that’s $120. If you have 1 account with less than 4 games per day for 1 day its $20, 2 days $40 etc.

Exceptions: There are of course extenuating circumstances where you do not get docked. Like:

  • The client keeps his account paused or plays on it a lot and you cannot possibly meet your quota on your games.
  • The client has confirmed with you that you can play less games or that it is ok to not play a certain day if you make it up the next day etc (you need proof, take a screen)
  • Servers are down
  • Client wants the boost slower (you need proof if client complaints, take a screen)
  • You have a personal emergency and let us know in good time
  • Your internet is down and you cannot play. You HAVE to contact an admin (use the number you have or use 3g on your phone to contact us). If you do not let us know you will still be docked.
  • Anything else that is very reasonable and a good reason why you couldn’t meet your quote as long as you let an admin know and let the client know
  • You play many more than 4 games every day, but one day you cannot play or play less. That is perfectly ok as long as it does not happen often and you still make your 1 div every 2 days or 10 wins every 2 days quota.
  1. Doing less than the minimum 1 division every 2 days for tier/div boosting or 10 wins every 2 days for win boosting – The penalties for breaking this rule varies. If clients MMR is shit you are not expected to boost as fast for tier/div boosting and if it’s a diamond 1 or challenger win boost you can take slightly longer for the wins. If you go for example 7 days with no div progress on a gold boost you can expect a big penalty.
  2. Not sending client a welcome PM when you pick up his DUOQ account - $5 for first offense then doubled every time after. The rule for the welcome PM is:

As soon as you pick up an order, send a Private Message to your client and introduce yourself, and let him know give him your skype (only give your skype for DUOQUE orders). The message should look like this:

Hello, my name is John Snow and I will be your booster. Be sure to check your email for more details. My skype is JohnSnowAlive, add me so we can set up some times to play! Please message me if you have any questions."


Remember, do not pick up any DUOQ accounts you cannot start within 12 hours. Make sure you send the message as a PM and not in the chat box.

  1. Starting before 20 hours on normal boosting orders without client specifying he want to skip the wait time - 20usd if client does not get banned. If client gets banned for boosting because of your mistake you get docked 200 + cost of boost.
  1. Picking up an account and not starting within 24 hours - $10. If you do it often the penalty will be higher. Please keep in mind if the client Pauses the account so you cannot go on it after 24 hours you won’t be docked as long as you go on it as soon as you are able after he unpauses. We have logs of all paused/locked/unlocked accounts so we can see exactly when pausing etc occurs. If you lie about it to avoid a penalty you get a much bigger penalty.
  2. Not communicating with the client – If the client messages you on the website and you ignore him for longer periods of times you will be docked $10.

Please keep in mind that we are not monsters, there are other exceptions to the rules that we have probably forgot. If there is a good, valid reason for breaking some of these rules you will not be docked. Obviously that does not count with private boosting etc, although if you come forward and admit it to an admin you will not be punished nearly as harshly as you will when you get caught.

There are also probably rules here that we have not mentioned, unspoken rules like do not harass your fellow boosters and do not try to scam or steal etc. When they are broken we will dock and add to the rules so you can see.

Other information

Duoq System

Duoq Boosting Basic (shows as just duoq boosting on booster panel)

This form of duoq is the one you have been doing all along, normal duoq boosting, no voice comms, no coaching, no extra, just typing when duoq boosting. It’s important that you do not do a Skype call with voice if client buys this version.


Duoq Extended

This form of duoqing is the same as the first one, just with about 1-3 usd extra cost per game as you have to voice chat with the client. The client has however not purchased coaching, so if the client asks you coaching questions, simply reply with: I am very sorry, but Extended Duoq is not the same as Coaching. If you want to learn and be coached you need to buy coaching or premium duoq boosting.


Duoq Premium

This is the same as extended, you voice chat etc, but you also coach during the game. It is not the same as normal coaching as its not in depth etc, you just help client through the games with builds, items, tips etc. In addition when you are done with all your games with the client, you take a little while to talk to the client about all the games you played (game analysis) where you tell him what he did well in his games, what you noticed he should improve on etc etc.


If a client chargebacks the money paid out for the order will be removed. Keep in mind, there is about 1 chargeback in every 5000 clients, so it is very rare it happens. In addition, most are scared and often will pay us back when we threaten to ban their account, or after we get it the first 2 week suspension as they then risk a permaban if they dont pay us back.


We do not pay out for banned accounts.

How bans work for you as a booster.

We have always said you do not get paid for banned accounts – this is a firm rule and applies regardless of fault, and it applies to all orders without exception. This is just one of the hazards of elo boosting and a risk you take when you do a job like boosting – banned accounts do not get paid out, ever. If you follow the procedures, you should be fine.

The procedure when an account gets banned is this:

  1. The booster/s who provided the service gets docked the full amount the client paid – this means your cut and WWG’s cut.
  2. We investigate the ban. Clients fill out an extensive questionnaire, we speak to boosters when necessary and we help the clients create tickets with riot. We look for reasons for ban, timelines, ip’s, rule breaking etc.
  3. If the booster is deemed as being “at fault” for the ban the money that was removed from him stays removed and he gets a 400usd dock. The booster is only deemed at fault if he broke the rules or did something dumb, like not using a vpn, not waiting 20-24 hours before logging into clients, messaging the client from the lol client and talking about WWG or boosting etc, talking about boosting in game etc.
  4. If booster is deemed not at fault - timeline does not match, booster didn’t break any safety rules (or if he did, it was at the request of the client) - the booster does not get a dock applied and step 5 occurs:
  5. If booster was deemed not at fault, he receives WWG’s cut back (which means he ends up in 0 for the order, no loss for the banned account).


Deposits are something every booster with LoLBoost has to have. Generally a 100usd will be withdrawn from your 2nd paycheck and kept with WWG until you quit (in times of end/beginning of season or in risky situations it will be taken from your first paycheck). 3 months after you have resigned you can PM an admin and ask to have your deposit paid out. It will always be paid out, unless you have done private boosting or owe WWG money in some way (for example, one of your accounts got banned and you were already paid for it). The reason for the deposits is to make sure we have something to cover your mistakes should you screw up and decide to leave without fixing it, or in case you do something that causes clients to be banned and you don’t have any accounts to be paid out to cover the cost of whatever it is you did.

Your deposit may be increased if you break certain rules, or if you are deemed a high risk booster. For example, if you get anyone banned for scripting, you get docked + your deposit will be raised. If it happens again, you will be fired.

Your deposit may also be raised by 100usd if you boost a lot of high paying accounts, especially master and challenger. This is not a punishment at all, but simply a fail safe in case you screw up a high paying order, which generally means WWG has to add a lot of money to the order. If you have a deposit, then the money is taken from that deposit instead, since it was your mistake.

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