Partnership Program

Hello prospective partner!

You are among few of the talents who have been invited into World Wide Gaming’s new partnership program!

Below you’ll learn about a few of your options as well as some of the benefits that we give our partners. We work hand in hand with each individual partner. We hope that you can be apart of this incredible network and platform that we are building. We look forward to answering any questions you may have. Cheers!


  • Display Our Banner on Stream

We’ll give you a custom discount code to display below your stream in addition to this. Every time someone uses that code you’ll get 5% of the revenue in cash (No strings attached. Straight up cash!)



  • Host giveaway for free coaching sessions (one of our pro’s coach them)

You’ll be able to interact more with your viewers and give them top-quality services. Giveaways keep viewers inclined to stay longer, participate more in your stream, and they definitely draw in huge crowds.



  • Offer your coaching services on our website

On our website we’ll make a profile for you and offer your coaching services for a premium price. We will research your audience to find the perfect price point so that you will not be bombarded with requests while still maintaining a practical price. From here, you can stream the session, growing your audience and earning even more money during the session. (You help choose everything. Price Point. How often you want to coach, if you want to stream it or not,. etc) In addition to this, you can also offer giveaways to coach your viewers for free.



Note: We’re not asking you to lock into anything or join any community. You can opt out of our help or partnership at any time. You’re in full control. This is a new project for us and we want to make sure that we are with the right people and have everything setup for success before making anything permanent.

As a Partner with WWG. You have many perks and benefits.

- We advertise your brand constantly on our platforms (Website & Social Media) (Dependent)

- Full access to our growth platform and audience

- Guaranteed money from your custom code and services

- Unlimited help and support from the WWG team

- Discounted Services and access to our professional gamers

- Full access to our extensive pipeline of influential people within the eSports scene
- Coming Soon: Access to some of the best video editors in the scene
- Coming Soon: Access to our top-level graphic designers

Not only will we earn you a lot of money, but most important, we promise to grow your brand alongside ours, ensuring you a prosperous future.

“Professionally owned, passionately run” - We welcome you to World Wide Gaming

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