Koopa – Master Tier

Koopa – Master Tier

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Hey! My name is Koopa and I am currently ranked at Master. I have much experience in this game regarding every role!
I have played at the highest solo que levels in my time with League and have even placed in competative play/competative tournaments!

I don't care if you are in bronze or silver. I promise that within time you WILL make it out with my coaching.

Key Aspects of my Coaching ~ Optimization of Runes/Masteries/Builds
In game evaluation and on the spot tips.
Critical examination of mechanics and solutions to trouble areas.
Post game review and replay analysis.
Everything you need to know about SoloQue and how to actually climb that ladder!
Exercises! These excercises will be directed towards mechanics, advantages, disadvantages, understanding the game, and so much more.
I understand that coaching sessions are short and its easy to forget questions you might've had waiting for me. Don't worry, I'll provide a post lesson ask me anything that you need. I am here to help you get better. Just because our lesson is over doesnt mean that I won't still coach you and get you better. Check in with me every so often. I will help you more with NO CHARGE! =)

 I will go the extra mile for you.

I have accounts on NA, EUW, EUNE, but can coach via VOD, voice, or other way if you are on another server.

I coach on ALL SERVERS!

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